Website Analytics – Do You know Where Your Web Visitors Come From?

by GMedia on July 18, 2011

If you own a website, you probably put some thought, time and effort into the design and content of your site or you could have hired a so called expert web design firm to creating a package for you.

Most website owners make the mistake of providing the content and design they think that is best suited to attract their type of customers. At Web Promotion Inc, the parent site of the SEOWow blog, we have been using analytics to fine tune website for years.

We are experts at deciphering website analytics to get the most out of the data to enhance a website. We have found that by thoroughly analyzing the analytic data, we can actually define what your clients are looking for, their interest in your peticular products or services, the type of searches they are using, keywords used to get to your website, where they are from, how long they are on your website, how many pages they view and utilize that data to tweek your website to drastically improve your  overall ROI.

If you are looking for more conversions from your website please contact us for a free website analysis of how we can help your website grow.

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