Using Youtube to Increase Your Google Search Results Rankings

by GMedia on July 22, 2011

I have recently noticed more Youtube video results ranking high into Google’s top page SERPs. Now that Google seems to have found a way to monetizes their youtube channel, I suspect that we will be seeing more video results finding its way to the top of Google search.

This might be an effective SEO Optimization method to take advantage of to get your content to rank if you are proficient in video production.

Matt Cutts suggested encapsulating each video on a site in its own web page so meta content and text could be used to describe the video to the bots. This is one way of providing your viewers valuable content and an efficient method to SEO by optimizing each video title.

Here is a good video put out by Google that will teach you the basics of getting your youtube video’s to rank high in Google search.

Just throwing video up into youtube will not guarantee to you top SERPs and according to Google, your video’s will only rank well if all factors are present including content quality and hits and ratings.

How are videos ranked in the Google Video search results?
“After determining the content of the video using our spidering technology, Google then combines sophisticated text-matching techniques to find videos that are both important and relevant to your search. Our technology examines dozens of aspects of the video’s content (including number of hits and rating) to determine if it’s a good match for your query.” provided by Google Video help.

Video Sitemaps 101: Making your videos searchable:

Best practices for indexing Google Youtube video provided in Webmaster Central Blog, highlights include:

Best Practice 1:
Verify your video URLs are crawlable: check your robots.txt

Best Practice 2:
Tell us what countries the video may be played in.

Best Practice 3:
Indicate clearly when videos are removed — protect the user experience

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