Small Local Company Flourishes with 100% Increase in Sales

by GMedia on July 23, 2012

Case Study: Storm Landscaping

Small Local Company Flourishes with 100% Increase in Sales

Storm Landscaping Services partnered with Web Promotion Inc. (WPI) in mid-2010 to implement the WPI Lead Generation solution. The company came to WPI looking to increase sales and stabilize his business.

The Dilemma

“As with many small businesses we were struggling to survive during the worst economy in history,” explains Storm Gleim, Owner of Storm Landscaping Services. “We weren’t just losing customers but employees as well, how could I expect them to stay when they could see the work wasn’t coming in like it used to.”

This created an even bigger challenge for Storm Landscaping Service, now tasked with the additional work of running the day to day, greatly decreased the amount of time spent on securing new business which is crucial at this point. “I began to ask myself, how I would find the time to get more business,” Adds Gleim.

First Impressions

These challenges eventually lead them to WPI. “I was initially impressed with the quality look of the product and how fast WPI said they could get it going for me. But it was the additional value-added features and benefits that finally sold me,” Gleim says. “We tried direct mail and that got me some tire kickers. We tried a so called competitor and ended up with no real opportunities and a rather large bill, that’s what I get for going the cheap route.”

Accelerated Implementation

“Within days my LeadSite was up and running,” says Gleim. “I couldn’t believe how great everything looked; even so, I was still very skeptical because of my past experience with the other guys.” After a week of the site going live, Storm Landscaping Services received its first Real-Time Exclusive Lead. “I was in the field checking on the crew when BAM my phone vibrates, I check my email low and behold my first lead is in my hand, I was amazed. I immediately called and setup an appointment to quote the job.” Gleim adds, “I will never forget what that lady said to me.” She said “Wow that was quick and I thought I would have to wait days for someone to get back to me.” Gleim goes on to say, “even though I did not get the job in my books that month, she became a customer a few months later.”

The Partnership Continues

Over the past 24 months since implementing WPI’s LeadSite, Storm Landscaping Services has dramatically increased their efficiencies, productivity and conversion rate. The company has stabilized their sales pipeline with the consistent supply of leads coming in and increased their annual sales by 100%.

“Storm Landscaping Services realized a 159% first year ROI and that climbed to 383% after only 24 months,” says Jim Emma, Director of Marketing WPI. “This is just another great example of a small business utilizing Exclusive Real-Time Leads to do more with less.” You too, can increase your sales pipeline with more targeted leads driving your bottom line with a rapid return on investment, just like Storm Landscaping Services has.

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