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by GMedia on July 27, 2011

If you utilize Google Analytics for your website tracking stats, you may have recently noticed a trend growing in that more and more users are using their mobile phones to access your website.

If you would like to view your mobile access stats, take a look into the “Mobile Devices” Section in your Analytics account. You can find your mobile stats by logging into your Google Analytics account and clicking through the following tabs. “Visitors” >> “Mobile” >> “Mobile Devices” once there you should be able see all the different mobile phone types that your visitors are using to view your website.

Why is this important? and What does this have to do with how Google ranks local website’s? Glad you asked, astute webmaster have been tracking the use of mobile phone searches for a while now and are now way out in front in the mobile rankings game.

Google has been working on mobile search for quite a while and understanding how they rank local sites will help you into build both types of rankings, local and mobile search.

If your looking to get your website into the local search results, we can help. We are local search marketing experts and provide free local directories to add your website into.

Google has created tools that are also geared to work with cell phone users that are designed to utilize mobile phones to make it easier to find the website’s they are looking for: Here are some of the new Google offerings: Google Hotpot, Google Tags and Google Boost.

Learn more about how Google ranks local information to help you find relevant search results, and how new features like Tags, Boost and Hotpot may or may not impact the ranking of organic listings. Video:

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