Link Building Strategies: Make it Low Cost, Easy and Effective

by GMedia on July 23, 2011

When Link building started, it was merely a way for Webmasters to show their appreciation for other website’s subject content or value.

Progressively link building turned into more of a voting or favor type system where a webmaster would put a link from their website to another website in return for a link back this process is known as reciprocal linking.

Once website owners started noticing the benefits of traffic generation their links brought in, they became more interested in developing strategies that would allow them to build links to their websites in grand scale. Google picked up on the the whole link building trend early on and used it as part of their algorithm to ranking websites. When it was leaked that the Google ranking algorithm valued linking, a whole new system began to arise in the buying and selling of quality backlinks.

Webmasters found that it could make big money selling links off their website if they had established high Google pagerank, this was know as link juice or the ranking value google asigns from an incoming link, website owners developing their site’s web promotion were glad to pay for quality keyword anchor text links that they knew Google would pick up and boost their pagerank.

This may be problems for Google because linking was process supposed to be a natural process,

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Ranking

Developing too many links too fast, even if they are high quality links, can raise a red flag with the Google and your site could be penalized.

Most people would find it interesting to note that Google ranks Web pages and not websites as a whole. The two main ranking factors that Google includes when displaying webpages are relevance and importance.

Link Relevance:
An important element in ranking webpages through the use of links include not just the quantity count of how many sites link to yours but the quality of who is linking to you. Also another important factor is the content of the site that is linking to yours, ensure that you only link to sites that are on-topic of yours.

Link Importance:
Googles initial algorithm set that assesses the importance of Web pages was called pagerank. Now Google uses over 200 components to rank Web pages and page rank is just one of them.

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