Driving Quality, Targeted Visitors to Your Website

by GMedia on July 16, 2011

When we interview our clients for their initial SEO web promotion consultation, we definitely see a pattern developing in what their leading reason is for seeking our help for their site. Almost all express a desire to increase the number of visitors to their website, that’s a given but whats most interesting is that they are educated enough to know the specific type of visitors they require. With the emergence of analytics, website owners have more data available at hand to track their ROI. Small business owners are realizing the role and value a website plays in their overall blueprint.

Driving the masses to your website might sound good in theory but but savvy website owners know that if your traffic doesn’t convert into customers then there is definitely a situation where their marketing efforts will become money and time wasted.

Here are 3 effective and low cost methods to help drive local and niche traffic to your website:

Develop a blog for your website, post 5 to 7 days per week is best. Google like fresh content. You are able to target visitors by keyword searches with the content you post. It is best to create a separate domain for your blog and point anchor keyword links back in your posts to your main website.

Web Directories
Find niche and local directories to submit your website to. Many are free and give a “follow” link back to your site. here is a FREE Web Directory you can submit your site to, and it doesn’t require a reciprocal link.

Social Media
Definitely utilize social media like facebook and twitter, facebook has become the most visited website online so posting and building your facebook status will be worth your time. Twitter is an excellent way to build a following to submit your businesses coupons, specials and promotions. Also Look into video as a promotional tool, with youtube and a cheap hd camera you can send your message to the masses.

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